Top 10 Journalism Courses You Can Study Online

Journalism has become an extremely popular area of study during the last few years. We’ve had the explosion of all things social media, with the worlds of Twitter and Facebook changing the way news is delivered, to the point that not only can people receive news almost wherever they are but they can also make and be a part of breaking news.

Journalism itself has always been very diverse, but perhaps in the past, many have seen it as limited to the nightly TV news or the morning newspapers. The fact is, journalism is everywhere you look and there are journalists working in so many different fields.

Let’s take a quick look at just some of the journalism areas that are available as online courses. You don’t have to love politics to find your way into journalism these days! In no particular order, here’s a top 10!

1. Music Journalism – If tapping your feet to the rhythm just isn’t enough, then why not learn how to write about your favourite bands and albums?

2. Food Journalism – If you have a taste for all things culinary then check out the menu on a food journalism course.

3. Celebrity Journalism – Love to gossip about what your favourite celebrities have been up to? Take a step further and learn how to write about it!

4. Motoring Journalism – You can’t get enough of the roar of a new supercar. Why not tell us why it makes you purr?

5. Science Journalism – The latest breakthroughs and the latest miracle cures are fascinating and the world needs to know about them. You could take a course in science journalism and be the one to tell us all about it.

6. Fashion Journalism – Whether it’s on the catwalk at the latest fashion show or walking down the high street, your next style blog or article could benefit by taking this course.

7. Environmental Journalism – The environment may well be the subject of 2012 and beyond. If you are passionate about protecting the world in which you live, this course will be of great interest.

8. Health Journalism – Another of those subjects that almost all of us have a vested interest in. A really worthwhile subject to tackle.

9. News Reporting – We couldn’t really do a journalism top 10 and not mention a course in news reporting. If you love the idea of being on the front line of breaking news, this course could be your first step.

10. Women’s Magazines – Yes, there really is a course specifically targeting the women’s magazine market. There are so many publications and they all need filling. Your stories could be just what they are looking for.

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